Power 16 for Men's Health

POWER 16 is a Canadian licensed (NPN: 80023523) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for men’s health. It is recommended to use for tonifying the qi (vital energy) and replenishing blood in terms of TCM, which benefits men who suffer from erection dysfunction (ED), sleep disorders, diabetes and prostate problems. It is a 100% herbal product made in Canada without any synthetic chemicals, animal ingredients or stimulants.

        Different from stimulants for ED, which only increases blood pressure for temporary sex drive with many risks in health, POWER16 helps men maintain testosterone in a healthy level by tonifying the qi (vital energy) and replenishing blood, and thus helps to regain men’s best sexual performance. In TCM, when blood and qi are strong and in harmony, every organ in the body will function properly and people will enjoy feeling virile. Do not assume that erection dysfunction (ED) is the aging process and ignore it. Testosterone is not just for maintaining a normal sex life and balancing the internal secretion, it also helps keep the prostate gland, muscles, and energy in a healthy condition and slow down the aging process. Stimulants which contain synthetic and animal testosterone can be effective within a few hours for ED, but they would overdraw testosterone and damage the regeneration system, which leads to permanent impotence of men. They also may destroy the function of kidneys, liver and heart. Power 16 not only keeps your virility into old age, but also benefits people with prostate problems and diabetes. It can be used together with 5 capsules of ARTHRON5 to balance the blood sugar level, remove and prevent prostate health problems.

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